First Tee – West Michigan Spring Classes in Grand Rapids

At First Tee – West Michigan, we are building game changers. Our spring life-skills education programming is designed for players of all ages and skill levels, with classes meeting once a week for six weeks. What makes First Tee a great choice? We have a safe, fun environment for all kids and teens. Learning golf, getting to know their peers, and enhancing life skills like resilience and self-confidence are just the beginning. Our trained coaches empower and inspire kids and teens, while teaching them about managing emotions, setting goals, resolving conflicts, and more. 


Full Price Students: $80 per 6-week class   |   Scholarship Students: $5 per 6-week class (if eligible for free/reduced-price lunch at school)

Grand Rapids PLAYer Level Classes

The PLAYer level is the entry-level into the First Tee program regardless of age or golf skill level. This is open to students ages 7-17. Coaches group participants by age and ability to introduce the game of golf while learning the First Tee Code of Conduct our Nine Core Values.



Grand Rapids Advanced PLAYer Level Classes

The Advanced PLAYer Level is open to any student that has taken at least one 6 week session of the PLAYer level. We will continue to build on the golf and life skills that were learned in PLAYer.

Grand Rapids Par Level Classes

The Par level is continued emphasis on golf skills, rules of play, interpersonal skills and self-management skills on and off the course. Minimum age is 9 and the student must be PLAYer certified.

Grand Rapids Birdie Level Classes

The Birdie Level is a continued emphasis on golf skills, etiquette, and goal setting on and off the course. Minimum age is 11 and the student must be Par and certified.

Grand Rapids Eagle/Ace Level Classes

Our Eagle and Ace levels build on all golf skills and focus on resilience, conflict resolution, and future planning.  Minimum age 13 and Birdie certified.

For more information please call 616-208-1177 or email [email protected]