Alumni Thriving – Angelo Luciani

Meet Angelo Luciani, aka JelloShot. Of course, there is a story behind the name. At a young age, Angelo developed a passion for sports. When he was seven, Angelo became a crucial player on a travel club soccer team. The quickness of the game didn’t allow for a three-syllable name, so Angelo was shortened by his teammates to Jello. His accurate shots were dubbed JelloShot, a moniker that endured. However, his love for soccer eventually gave way to a newfound passion for golf.

Angelo was first introduced to golf with First Tee – West Michigan when he was just eight years old. While learning the game of golf, Angelo also learned life skills that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience. First Tee was instrumental in shaping who he was becoming as a young man and as a competitive golfer.  Angelo grew from being a program participant to representing the First Tee at several national competitions, including playing at Pebble Beach with a PGA Tour Champion, and twice in the First Tee National Championship (hosted at Notre Dame and Clemson). He also is the first student from the chapter to qualify for the USGA Junior Amateur Championship, hosted in North Carolina that year.

Participating in multiple golf tournaments each year, most of his fellow competitors knew him as Jello. He was easy to spot on the golf course – the guy with a big smile and a well-coordinated wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from his passion for looking his best on the golf course, JelloShotGolf emerged last spring as a brand dedicated to reminding you to bring your best self to every shot. With a dozen products available and more in the pipeline, the JelloShotsGolf brand continues to grow and evolve through the help of where he is now – at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.

This is only the beginning of the story. As a student at Grand Canyon University, Angelo is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Business, practicing what he learns and funding his education. We are so proud of Angelo and can’t wait to see what’s next for his brand!

While the JelloShotsGolf brand is growing, and his business acumen expanding, Angelo continues to develop and grow his golf game at a high level. Grand Canyon University has a strong Division 1 Golf team (ranked higher than several Big 10 schools), so Angelo making the team as a freshman was an uphill battle. However, he quickly established himself on the club team this fall as a frehsman, where he was one of the strongest performers. Mid-year, Angelo won his first-ever college tournament, firing a 68-69 to win.

After this victory, Angelo’s year culminated in Grand Canyon winning their first-ever Divison 1 Club Championship!

What a start to Angelo’s college career! As he continues in his golf and entrepreneurial pursuits, we’ll be rooting him on in West Michigan! Keep it up, Angelo!

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