Youth Marathon

For those of you who have been around First Tee a while, you’ve probably heard of our golf marathon. The golf marathon is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Golfers raise money for our students on scholarship by playing as many holes as they can in a day, receiving pledges through flat donations and per-hole pledges. 

How is the Youth Marathon Different?

We believe that the golf marathon should not be just limited to adults; we also organize a youth marathon and would love to see your student participate! Our aim is not to overwhelm our young participants with an excessive number of holes to play or an overwhelming fundraising target like the adults. Instead, we simply want them to come out, play as many holes as they can, gather at least five pledges of any amount, and most importantly, enjoy themselves! Whether their goal is to complete 15 holes or surpass 50 holes, it’s entirely up to them.

Now, here’s the exciting part. For every $100 raised, you will receive a $20 credit that can be redeemed at the First Tee Store! This means that the more funds you raise, the more credit you earn to shop for great items in our store.

Youth Marathon Dates and Locations

Grand Rapids: The Pines Golf Club – Friday, June 28th

Holland: Three Fires Golf Club – Monday, July 15th

Kalamazoo: Eastern Hills Golf Club – Friday, June 21st