First Tee Quarantine Challenge

When: March 21-April 5 What: 
  1. Pick a First Tee Nine Healthy Habit from the list below to focus on for the day.
  2. What Healthy Habit was chosen and what activity did your participant do (sample ideas below)? Get creative!
  3. Post a picture or video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter of your participant doing the activity, tag First Tee of West Michigan, and hashtag the Healthy Habit
    1. Facebook: @tftwm
    2. Instagram: @thefirstteewestmichigan
    3. Twitter:  @tftwm
  4. Post 6 times from March 21 – April 5 and receive a free six-class session or a First Tee polo for your participant!
Pick from the following Nine Healthy Habits:
  1. Energy: Make healthy choices about when to eat, how much to eat, and the types of food and drinks to provide the body with the most useful energy.
    1. Did your participant eat a healthy snack?
  2. Play: A variety of energizing play can help the body stay strong, lean and fit, and be fun in the process. 
    1. Build a putting course or hole inside, play it! How crazy of a course can you create?
    2. Sock Golf: Create a course/hole to play. Toss the sock. How many tosses does it take to finish each hole? 
  3. Safety: Protecting the body with proper equipment, warming up and cooling down and wearing sun protection.
    1. Did you wash your hands?
  4. Family: When family members participate in activities together — share meals, communicate and establish roles and responsibilities
    1. Help cook a meal with parents
    2. Eat as a family.. Selfie?