Three Reasons to Give to First Tee this Season!

Reason #2: New Tech = Higher Engagement

West Michigan receives national recognition in the First Tee Network for the strength of our winter tutoring and swing-training program, Homework & Hitting. But one of our Coach Building Blocks is “Continuous Improvement”. So we wondered: Could Homework & Hitting have a deeper impact and a wider reach?

First Tee’s winter Homework & Hitting program goes where students are – including 20 different locations this winter. We set up in gyms at schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, indoor Golf Facilities, and churches. Check out the interactive map below to see all the locations we’ll host Homework & Hitting this winter.

Click the map to interact with Homework & Hitting locations – 20 in all!

As golf increasingly goes digital, the importance of First Tee providing technology and visual support to students is critical. Set up and tear down at each Homework & Hitting site can be challenging, but with YOUR help, we can provide next-level technology to our participants and meet them where they are. Can you help support us at year-end, to ensure this portable technology can be added to Homework & Hitting?


Putting is the first golf skill we teach our students, but is tough to teach on gym floors and carpet. With Puttr, however, First Tee novices and experts can be entertained and challenged! We’re particularly fond of the PUTTR app, which comes with built-in games, including leaderboards where our students can compete against other First Tee students throughout the country! Check out this video on the capabilities of PUTTR.

PUTTR’s portability makes it a perfect fit for all our winter locations. Can you help us buy two for our various program locations, for $1,350 total? Your gift at year-end helps us purchase this, and reach our total year-end goal of $60,000 in December!


As students advance at First Tee, they seek for more swing feedback. A portable launch monitor (endorsed by Tiger Woods!) would make a huge impact. Students preparing for high-school golf need data and video feedback to improve their swing. Full Swing has partnered nationally with First Tee, and if it proves to be as impactful as we think, more launch monitors can be purchased at an even steeper discount. Can you help First Tee – West Michigan buy one Full-Swing Launch monitor for $4,000, and see the impact it can make with our students all throughout West Michigan?

With the PUTTR and Full Swing launch monitor, students like Darcey (Reason #1) can grow and learn at a younger age. More students engaged for more years yields bigger impacts (see report below). Help us ensure that each student, no matter what their socioeconomic background, can access technology to improve their game, and in turn, receive life-changing mentoring and training for years to come. Help us raise $60,000 this December so we can purchase this technology for our students this winter!

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